Dr. Eric Cobb

Dr. Eric Cobb brings a long and varied background to Threat Resolution Sciences.

As the founder of Z-Health Performance, he is widely recognized as a world-leading expert in movement neurophysiology and sports performance. However, based on numerous experiences as both a civilian and non-governmental contractor, his first passion has always been learning and teaching the skills required to survive real-world violence.

Eric began his formal martial arts training at age five and never stopped. Over the past four decades, he has studied multiple systems, all with the singular aim of improving real-world survivability. He has extensive training in multiple weapons platforms with a specialty in integrating hands-on techniques with weapons in close quarter engagements.

Additionally, because of his work with hundreds of professional athletes and elite law enforcement and military operators, he has also made an extensive study of the emotional and behavioral aspects involved with high performance in ultra stressful environments, providing the basis for multiple concepts, tools and drills found throughout the TRS curriculum.

His primary role in TRS is curriculum design combining essential elements from cutting-edge sports science research and high-speed motor learning principles with the intuitive, practical physical skills that are the hallmark of TRS.