The Universal Problem

We don’t know WHEN we will need to protect ourselves, or those we love, from real world violence – tonight? Tomorrow? Next Week? Next Year?

We don’t know WHERE that violence will occur. Do you think you might need different skills to defend yourself in a car versus in your bedroom?

We don’t know WHO the assailant will be. Will it be a stranger or someone you know?

We don’t know WHAT type of assault it will be. Verbal? Physical? Will there be weapons? Will there be more than one attacker? Will I need to protect my family while I’m protecting myself?

We’re not sure HOW to protect ourselves. Do I need a black belt? Law enforcement or military training?
Will carrying a gun fix the problem?

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Our answer to the universal problem is summarized in what we teach: Personal Safety Simplified.






Your ability to manage fear
Your personal moral compass
Your behavioral habits
Your legal responsibilities







Environmental Awareness
Behavioral Profiling
Layers of Protection
Danger Avoidance Skills







Easy to Learn
Highly Retainable


























  • “It was incredibly easy to do the drills in the way you taught without being dogmatic or threatening to people’s past training.”

    Mike Ox
    Owner - Dry Fire Fit/Training Cards
  • “I thought the subject matter may trigger feelings of fear/vulnerability for me but the opposite is true. I felt empowered by the whole experience, despite my awkwardness and need for practice.”

    Dorothy Pierman
    Business Owner
  • “Thank you again for being such fantastic teachers! This class really has changed my life. I hope I will never have to use any of this information but I’m so glad to have some tools!.”

    Lisa Vonnegut
    Owner - Bay Functional Fitness
  • “Since taking TRS Level 1, my interaction with my environment, especially outside of my home and business, has changed. I am more comfortable looking at people directly and looking at dark areas and around vehicles instead of looking down or walking past areas quickly. As a result, I have more confidence, see more things and meet more people.”

    Holly Thompson
    Pilates Teacher/Movement Coach
  • “I’m not a police officer, nor military, but I am a middle aged woman (is anything really scarier, lol). The thing that most gives me confidence is knowing I’m prepared for things, and that I can save myself.”

    Shanie Chambers
    Director, Fitness and Wellness Programs
  • “The TRS course was one of most definitively life-changing experiences I have been a part of. The instructors genuinely cared about the material they were teaching and that was blatantly apparent from the onset. They made sure that everyone in the course was successful regardless of where they were starting at skill-wise. I had a small martial arts background going into the course, but I walked out of there more confident and comfortable with what I learned than numerous years in other disciplines ever prepared me for. The teaching style was fluid and appropriate and covered way more ground than I ever knew was possible with a subject like self-preservation. I absolutely loved it and have since told all of my family and loved ones to sign up immediately.”

    Bryan Thomas
    Personal Trainer - Life Fuel Wellness
  • “The instructors are extraordinarily competent and well-rounded yet unlike a lot of people at this level of expertise, they don’t have the usual ego that comes with it. Both Erik and Tyler are patient and thoughtful and are willing to evaluate any technique and adapt to what works and makes sense. There is no dogmatism in them, other than “train like your life depends on it.” I would highly recommend training with them if you have the opportunity.”

    Christopher Pakney
    Law Enforcement